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Hello! This thread's purpose is to give an outlet for players to share some of their most beloved teams of generation 7. The teams can be from any meta within generation 7, as long as they are all legal at some point and time within the gen. Also while there's no specific limit, please refrain from dumping whole builders or an excessive number of teams because it kind of defeats the purpose of the thread. I'm looking forward to seeing some favorites from everyone.​

It'd be a straight crime to not mention the one-hit wonder that is KEVIN. God damn, this team has been around for a long time. I came up with the concept of a balanced core around Celebi / Krookodile back in late ORAS, so it's definitely been through the test of time, and there's been a good few changes along the way of it but man this team just refuses to be plain nonviable.

Obviously, Krookodile and Celebi kinda handle each other's threats to some degree, with Krook trapping Psychic stuff and Celebi mowing through Fighting-types, but of course Scizor is still here so I had to get some coverage to that in Crobat, helpfully gaining a decent-ish Fairy switch that pulls double duty as a defogger if needed. Then we've got Vincune, which alleviates issues from Bullet Punch, and also serves as a blanket wincon once things are a little worn down for it, and not quite as able to respond snappishly to the threat of it. Cobalion was a needed way to deal with Dragons and Fairies in some other capacity, also helping out as a secondary condition I could try to win off of. Latias rounds things out with some speed control that also helps to sneak kills on things thinking Scarf doesn't exist anymore.

That's the crew, in the most recent version.

Free Staraptor.
Krookodile @ Black Glasses
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Earthquake
- Knock Off
- Stealth Rock
- Pursuit

Celebi @ Groundium Z
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Nasty Plot
- Giga Drain
- Psychic
- Earth Power

Crobat @ Sky Plate
Ability: Infiltrator
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Brave Bird
- Defog
- Roost
- U-turn

Suicune @ Leftovers
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Substitute
- Calm Mind
- Scald
- Protect

Cobalion @ Shuca Berry
Ability: Justified
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Swords Dance
- Rock Polish
- Close Combat
- Iron Head

Latias @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Draco Meteor
- Psyshock
- Ice Beam
- Trick
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can’t rest in peace cause they diggin me
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Yo, I'm hoping to see some more posts from you assholes soon, very interested to see some of them. I am definitely happy to see Kevin Jr. yet again tho. I'll be sharing a few teams here to kick off the thread in terms of lengthy posts. I will primarily be focusing on teams I haven't showcased before, obviously my RMTs and some others like my screens team are up there and deserve to be in this post to me but this post in this thread would be pointless if I added all that. If I really love a team that much I might put it here even if I've shown it off plenty before tho.

This team is hella recent and is kinda what inspired me to make this thread b/c I fell in love with it almost immediately. Accelgor told me to build w/ corrosion lazzle and while I think lazzle is kinda meh a lot of the time, the general product and how it all ties together feels amazing to me. AV Shao amplifies the weight of toxic w/ Fake Out and Knock Off, while also hitting prime target Gligar with Knock Off, which lazzle is EV'd to 2HKO w/ no eviolite after rocks. Whenever building with AV Shao you need a means of dealing with physical darks, z move drei is perfect on this team to check some of the phys darks like daunt and just absorbing knock in general, while also providing hazard removal. Empoleon is the rocker of choice b/c it keeps em up reliably, which is key in whittling down the opp, and for luring glig, also provides a lati check and all that. Doublade fits really nice here as it's a wincon that rlly appreciates glig being lured and helps the sciz/fighting/lati mu. Hippo is a super glue mon here w/ ww, toxic, and a shit ton of def investment being a great blanket check to a ton of shit like mmq and shark, sand + toxic also contributing a lot to the theme of whittling the opp down. No speed control but hardly an issue with bulk of the team and two phasers, it was originally tect on empo but I hard lost to suicune so ye. This team's desc will be longer than the rest I apologize if it's too long lmao, a lot of minor details and thought went into this team.

This is a team I built while prepping for last week of uupl. In hindsight I prolly should've used it b/c it's become one of my favorite teams w/o a doubt and something I lean on when idk what to use. Dragmag is always fun and this is generally just built around daunt breaking and malt being a wincon. Scizor is the best pivot I can think of to pair with daunt and in this case it also lures Amoonguss for malt. Malt is the wincon and offers obvious utility as well as it checks nape and drei. Magneton traps steels and offers a form of speed control, team can otherwise be slow at times. Terrakion keeps rocks up reliably and can check birds if it needs to with the help of papa berry. Gligar is the hazard removal and helps the coba/rak/whatever matchup, it's min speed to hopefully slow u-turn on Scizors for opportunities to trap or get momentum.

This team is from whatever tf meta two UUPLs ago was in. I remember loving the malt + umb balance that sparrow made like 2 1/2 years ago and I wanted to do something with that core. I felt Chandelure was a great third addition with the core in mind and this bulky chandy set was great for pressuring steels while more reliably defensively checking the shit chandy's typing allows it to check, like Scizor, Cobalion, and Infernape. Shuca Empo is the rocker of choice, lati check and keeps rocks up reliably, shuca helps malt mu which is sketch. Crobat ig helps with loom which may or may not have been a thing at the time, maybe serp? idr. But it helps malt mu as well, also gives hazard removal. Krook gives speed control and elec immunity. Iirc martha used this in UUPL and won with it so that's cool >:O

I remember this one distinctly b/c I name all my teams in all caps but this one was fsr named "nihilego BITCH" in my builder. I remember being super comfortable and happy with it, so I leaned on it many times for battles. This was fuckin ages ago so the desc might be sketch but, I just wanted to build around tspikes nihi, I really loved psplit on nihi too. Magg is lati/sciz check, also sets rocks and spams Roar to get shit poisoned. Serp is a great hazard remover here that also abuses tspikes chip, w/ z move it checks krook and removes on all the grounds that bother the core. Chandy is great here as it abuses tspikes v nicely w/ sub and also checks loom/serp/sciz/coba/nape. Also beats fat. Azumarill was fuckin ridiculous and knocking and overworking guss was great for this team. Scarf lati was speed control and offers other great utility like checking nape and being ground immunity n shit, also hwish.

This team was indeed sampled for a long period of time before Kommo-o rose, but I really fuckin loved it b/c of how seamlessly Beedrill fit into the last slot. This rocks kommo set was truly the face of BO for a short period of time. Prima + heattom was the core, basically just a pivot that pressures steels too w/ broken breaker prima. Rocks kommo was super obvious, helps fat mu and was just such good utility as it kept rocks up so reliably. Scarf krook + doub is like standard as BO shit i dont wanna explain it so this post isn't long as FUCK. Beedrill fit great in the last slot b/c it absorbs tspikes, sets tspikes for fat mu, and forms a pivot core with heattom thank youuuu. Hazard removal being heattom on this is lame as fuck ngl but :shrug:.

Wanted to give a nice 5 teams of my own, gonna end this post with a few teams from other people I've had a ton of fun using this gen, not gonna give pastes or descriptions for obvious reasons:

This site and game sucks dick, I've been playing this shit since like 2012 tho. This is the first gen I took very very seriously, and I would've be half as good as I am now (which still might not be very good) w/o you lot of clowns helping me whenever i needed it. So thank you to the UU community.


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Starting to see a trend with all my posts coming at 3-4 am but yeah, this seemed like a cool thread and it was fun taking a little trip down memory lane. While I'm not too happy with the tier's current state, I definitely had a lot of fun playing/building the last few years and this gen was a net positive for sure. It really made me re-evaluate my approach to building and opened my eyes to the importance of positioning in-game, two areas maybe more important than all the others in this shitty game we all continue to play fsr.


Tbh this may be the only thing I can look back on during snake 1 fondly. Even though I played like shit in the game itself and ultimately got bailed out by hax vs Tesung, iirc I laddered for a suspect or two with this team as well and I just loved how it played. I actually ended up revamping this for a game in snake 2, seen here. Throw up your hazards, pivot around, kill shit with Nidoking, then ideally clean up with Cofagrigus. Speaking of, Cofagrigus was the coolest mon ever in early SM UU. Blanket checked a bunch of stuff while taking full advantage of the newly released Z moves etc. Unfortunately, Bisharp and now more so Mimikyu kinda killed this man's already-dwindling viability off entirely, but ye, he was cool.


The classic Pak+Pearl (but mostly Pearl) team. Our biggest discovery in SPL 9 was definitely big Moltres. This was way before the Rotom-H days, where everything let it in for free (notably Breloom and as a result, Amoonguss), everyone used consistently shitty answers to birds, and everything just got Defog in USM. There was no Defog here, but point is, Moltres was a threat and a half and on the up and up. If it was seen, it was mostly people using Z-move sets like Agility, which were still good, but Specs was RIDICULOUS at the time. In the game I used this, I faced Mega Aerodactyl, Empoleon, and Latias, but it still came away with 4 kills and dominated the game. This team was re-used in a shit load of other tournaments later on, intentionally or not, and it was one of my favorites for sure.


Obviously, I actually RMT'd this one (kinda like the one above should have been cough Pearl cough). I never used this myself in any tournaments, mainly because I played ORAS in UUPL VI, but I passed it to a couple of teammates and those games can be seen here and here. This was the main reason I started to like Tsareena so much as a mon, and this team p much aligned with the Cofag team above in putting one of my favorite team styles on full display. Same deal: throw your hazards, pivot around, hit things hard, but this time spin block better and clean with broken SD Gliscor. While I did revamp it for a Snake 2 game last year, I've come to the conclusion that it's mostly an outdated team style and Gliscor's departure was truly its downfall in the end. Can't say I miss him much though.


My other RMT this gen, this one fairly recent. Probably my proudest moment on this site was winning the most recent UUPL, and this team was my favorite creation during that time period of week-in and week-out team slavery. Maybe you're seeing the pattern of me really liking momentum-based, fast-paced teams with hazards this gen, but this one follows that concept to a tee as well. No Spikes on this one but Taunt rocks Krook is an absolute beast so I'll say he counts in the hazards department. It also has my staple Scarf Sciz so that's cool too. Anyway though, this team was just weirdly good at generating momentum and natural progress, and more than anything stressed playing well in the game itself, which I strive for with just about every team. UUPL games here (Darksafadao :cwldog:), here, and here bop.
Here are a couple of squads I had fun using this gen. I have basically just built with dumb shit over the last month or two so I'll post older squads.

A team from back when Kommo-o plagued this tier. Roserade had also just been seeing a lot more usage so I built the team around that. Kommo-o did Kommo-o things by being a stallbreaker, rocker, etc. Togekiss provided a backup way to pressure stall and a Hydra + Krook check. Krookodile standard speed control. Rotom-H the Scizor and Flying-type check with Defog. Finally, Doublade cos fck Terrakion.

A fun screens team I made around Venomoth. I went with Infernape as the suicide lead rocker that helped pressure Scizor. Scizor and Latias are basically just staple sweepers/breakers so yeah. Rhyperior with Weakness Policy can benefit a decent amount under screens. After a Rock Polish or two it can break most shit, Megahorn for Latias and stuff.

This team is pretty hit or miss depending on how you play it out. I wanted to use Hoopa so I built it with Klefki to provide it with Spikes support. Even with Substitute, Hoopa dies too fcking fast to any Dark-type move so I just chose a NP AoA set. Infernape gives a double NP core that benefits off Pokemon like Krook and Hydra locking themselves into Dark-type STAB to remove Hoopa. Scarf Hydra gives me speed control and a Ground-immunity. Scizor gives Pursuit support to remove Latias. Finally, Seis gives another Water-type answer and checks Manec and shit.

vivalospride told me to use Mega Ampharos + Alomomola and the core was honestly really fun to use. I took a pretty obvious balance approach given the core at hand. Togekiss gives me a breaker and way to pressure stall, Fightinium Z being cool to help vs Steel-types and to help with the meh Terrakion matchup. Bronzong and Temtacruel check a ton of shit like Cobalion, Scizor, Latias, etc. and give me the entry hazard removal/setter. Scarf Krookodile for speed control.

Built this with Amane Misa around Roar Mega Sceptile and Klefki and its pretty fun to use. Jellicent gives me a spinblocker and pivot into Fighting-types. Scizor gives a wincon that can benefit from stuff getting chipped down a lot. Krookodile is the SR user on the team and helps with the stall matchup some more. Then we opted for offensive Tentacruel to round it off for a spinner and another Scizor check.

Last one, I built this one recently shortly after Mimikyu dropped. I basically wanted to build around Mimikyu + Lucario as I think they complement each other well. I would prefer to run NP Lucario here and LO Latias, but tbh Pyukumuku is too much of a bitch otherwise but both work if you don't care about that matchup. Sharpedo gives me a strong wincon with these breakers. Latias + Scizor cos it's Latias and Scizor. I couldn't really fit a rocker so I opted for Azelf to be a suicide lead for the team. Honestly, Flamethrower is redundant but ladder has a tendency to lead it against Azelf...

There I'm done, surprised I didn't post a single Mega Altaria team tbh. I haven't been playing this game much recently cos I'm kind of burnt out of this gen but this happens to me every time a new gen roles around so¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I'd say I have improved a lot since I joined this tier at like midway last year where I was using Rocks + Defog Empo lol. I look forward to being a bit more active once gen 8 roles around and thanks to everyone in this community that has helped me as a player, too many of ya'll to name ^_^


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cool thread

:beedrill-mega: :cobalion: :mamoswine: :hydreigon: :rotom-mow: :azumarill:

i think i got the idea for this team from an iron chef episode. simple volt-turn approach with a fun set in cm coba w/ hp ice to snipe gliscor. thinking about it now steel z does the job too but knowing me prob i didnt wanna give up 100% accurate fight stab. i remember this originally had z-dream eater rotom-mow to lure amoong but then i found myself unable to fit fog so i opted for cb ice punch azu instead which still works out.

:gliscor: :latias: :aggron-mega: :sylveon: :breloom: :volcanion:

now this is a true gem. dd gliscor was just picking up some usage as a real cool surprise sweeper so i obv had to join the fun and came up with this. dd ground z glisc appreciates hyper cutter preventing intimidate shenanigans but you know i couldnt pass up using a poison heal mon so i added sd facade loom to pressure fat which dd glisc lacks the longevity for. low kick mega aggron removes mamoswine after a round of orb dmg which stands in the way of glisc sweeping. looking back at it now i realise this teams crazily annoyed by fog rotom-heat but ill give myself the benefit of the doubt here and claim that it simply wasnt used all that much at the time (head smash m-aggron y/n).

:kommo-o: :bronzong: :aerodactyl-mega: :tentacruel: :krookodile: :chandelure:

ah yes good ol clanger. this was during mega venu times and since that fucker was so ridic broken i just slapped all the answers i could find on a team and called it a day which somehow ended up working out. double dance kommo-o bc clangorous soulblaze was banned iirc and i got annoyed by dragon dance just being outspeed by every relevant scarfer under the sun. rest of the team is super straightforward so not much to say other than pointing out that generally mediocre chandelure turned out to be the perfect fit as gluemon and wincon vs fat on this team.

:zeraora: :togekiss: :krookodile: :tentacruel: :aggron-mega: :heracross:

recent-ish team that i built around the idea of adrenaline orb zeraora right after it dropped. works out decently well in practice and certainly can create an "oh fuck" moment for the opp when scarf krook comes out to revenge. work up w/ cc is an option if you dislike focus blasts accuracy but then you still gotta contend with intimidate shenanigans which this set is thought to circumvent in the first place so idk. the real star of this team turned out to be heracross though feels real nice when you take amoongs spore and pull guts megahorn to send it or anything else thats coming in to get a free turn straight to oblivion. stopped using this team after gligar usage started to spike bc it sorta struggles breaking that despite having two knock users.

:feraligatr: :latias: :nihilego: :rotom-heat: :aggron-mega: :krookodile:

this ones one of my favs for sure and id say its still usable if you dont mind the stall mu too much. anyway this was built around double dance gatr. dd is good under screens but on bo i feel agility provides better cleaning potential. elec z nihi to snipe waters (empo in particular) and hw lati to grant gatr a second attempt at sweeping (or revive another member). mega aggron and rotom take care of sciz which lati and nihi have trouble versus. enough speed on aggron so that it can snipe empo with eq bc the elec z lure doesnt always work out. theres an alternative version of this w/ scarf on krook rocks on aggron and specs on lati which is prob better overall bc this helps with lati mu a bit but i just love taunt krook too much lol.

will definitely come back to this and drop some more at a later point



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My favorite team without a doubt. Dating back from the first Snake tournament and the Jirachi metagame. I absolutely loved using Umbreon back then, it felt like the perfect metagame call to handle all of Latias, MegaShark and Jirachi and I was really satisfied with the bulky Offense I made that featured it. I also had a neat tech in Screech on Umbreon to handle any last mon with the help of Scarf Infernape.

I made this team for an UUPL game and I really liked how it had everything I like to abuse in Pokemon, as in, durable hazards setters, Rapid Spin (and not Defog), a revenge killer, a long lasting setupper and an answer to last mons in Perish Song Altaria. I've then laddered in the MVenu suspect with Snorlax > Gliscor.

Even though I never used in a tournament game, this was first team I made with AV Mienshao, which became the mark I left on the tier, I guess. This was in Gliscor meta so I had Physdef Anchor. I didn't really like that team because of the weakness to Moltres which was peaking up steam at the time. The current variant I like using in test games has Florges/Tsareena over Cress/Anchor.
USUM UU has been my introduction to Smogon and to competitive pokemon in general, so rather than share my best team I'd like to share a team that was meaningful to me personally.

:kyurem: :diancie: :slowbro-mega: :krookodile: :tsareena: :gengar:

This is my team from Dark Horse Project, and was the first decent team I ever built - it took me from my previous high ladder high of 1100 all the way up to high 1400s. It was based around the pair of Kyurem and Diancie, at the time clocking in at 1.6% and 1.7% usage respectively. It has some questionable choices in retrospect, even given the limitations of Dark Horse, but I'm presenting it here as used, without improvement. The point is that I love this team, not that it's the hottest thing under the sun.

Nicknaming all my mons after an anime? Yes. Built to a combined limit of 30% usage for the entire team? Yes. My favorite team of the generation? For sure.


Banned deucer.

This probably is my favorite team i made throughout the entire gen7 UU metagame. Volt-turn was always a beloved playstyle of mine, but never before have i taken it to such extreme lengths. The entire team can be summed up into a single sentence: 2 breakers + 4 things that bounce around. I cannot count how many games i have played with this team, although i recall going 86-4 throughout the span of two consecutive suspect tests. A lot of it has to do with utilizing the core of entei + mega beedrill, which i feel is amongst the most underrated and unexplored this gen(s/o vivalospride for being a believer), as well primarina's inherit broken status. Overall i feel this team is very straight forward to use, yet very annoying to face, since very few team archetypes can withstand the pressure generated from sr+constant momentum gain. I will drop the paste below so anybody that wishes to give this team a try, hopefully has as much fun as i did.


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The Church. RMT'd it here if you want to take a look at the indepth building process / replays. My favorite team from Serp meta, won me two series in ULT 2018 including the finals, along with some UUPL appearances. Bandpert + Rocks Maero probably still works today as a core and these kind of teams don't usually have a fast Electric so I tried to take advantage of that with Specs Raikou and some other pivots. Very fun team, had a lot of uncommon techs (for the time) like Scarf Utility Kiss and Z-Uturn Scizor.

Really fun team I built for Champs in my series vs Gondra. Unfortunately ran into an awful MU and I didn't get to show it off as much as I would have liked to, Scarf Mamoswine is a super fun lure that basically heat checks a bunch of stuff that can all take an Ice Shard when trying to revenge it. Also spreads Knock Offs for the team. I supported with a pretty traditional Blastoise bulky offense, Togekiss has Thunder Wave to make up for the teams lacking speed control. I miss clanger!!

These are some assorted Hyper Offenses from various points in the Meta. First was Snake, second SPL, last UUPL. I am intrigued that it is viewed as a generally more consistent pick nowadays (mostly from Mimikyu as far as I can tell), since it was a little more exploratory when I was pushing it. Nevertheless I've always been a fan of playing it and these teams were a ton of fun to use and build. Scarf Lati is always a god send utility and speed control wise for these teams, the rest of it you can plug breakers and types of hazards as you see fit. I probably like the first one the most for how in sync the team members were (also RMT'd), but the bottom one would be the most consistent.

That's about all I got, good to be back :)


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:latias: :altaria-mega: :alomomola: :magneton: :bronzong: :krookodile:

unfortunately this team gets absolutely shitpumped by mimikyu ho, but in the brief time between the alt suspect and the mimikyu unban this was my go to clicking team on the ladder. mag is considered by some to be a gimmick but imo with how centralized the tier is around steel types, being able to remove them from the game with one read can make almost any matchup winnable.

built it after coming back from a couple month hiatus, ending around the end of the mega altaria suspect. saw some discussion in the np thread of how brainless dragmag is so i wanted to build something with it while i relearned the tier. lati and mega alt work together to force in steels as its fairly difficult to check both without risking your steel vs mag at some point. eject button alomomola is considered somewhat of a gimmick but it lets you make creative and fun plays if you get reads on your opps playstyle. healing wish is a cool tech as most of my offensive pressure is coming from set up sweepers that will likely take a hit while setting up. bronzong works as the teams actual steel type because mag isnt doing shit defensively. checks a lot of otherwise troublesome balance breakers like kyurem and the nidos, and works as a mega aero check as alo doesnt want to burn its ebutton vs it. thanks to its typing it's able to trade rocks with a lot of common rockers which is important as this team has no hazard control. no protect as the team punishes pursuit fairly well. scarf krook fills out the team as the team as the ground type and secondary lati check should bronzong get trapped. beat up is teched on for ho leads and subgar. while i have the lati set as psych z, i think almost any z lati set can be justified on this team (water z is heat to hit mega lix as mag isnt trapping it).


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My favorite team of all time (for UU ofc) was this pretty hard to break Alomamola + Aggron stall team. The EVs were all calculated, for something which I cannot remember, since I made this team like 1 and a half years ago. I managed to reach 1500+ with this disgusting amazing team. Moltres is fun too, so ye theres that
I’ve never really been a huge fan of stall. I’m more of a “fast-paced game” type of guy, but this one holds a special place in my heart. UU ladder this year has been terrible and seeing salty opponents rage is SOOOOOO satisying.
How this cancerous team works is by taking advantage of Aggron’s large defense stat and be ability to wall stuff like Beedrill, Bisharp, Scizor, or even Mega Altaria is extremely good. One problem about Aggron though, is that it has no reliable recovery, unlike other steels like Scizor roost or Ferroseed’s leech seed. That’s where Alomamola comes in. Being able to switch into fire type attacks is nice, but wish is truly why Alomamola is so good on this team. It gives recovery to Aggron, as long as Aggron can switch in safely, and it can help scarfed Moltres. I mainly added scarfed Moltres to deal with Breloom, but it still has nice matchups against Beedrills, Scizors, Amoongusses, and Chesnaughts. And well the other two are pretty self-explanatory. They’re my defog slaves.
Thank you for reading all of that above. Hope you like the team! :]

swaggron (Aggron-Mega) (M) @ Aggronite
Ability: Filter
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 240 Def / 20 SpD
Impish Nature
- Earthquake
- Rest
- Toxic
- Heavy Slam

fabulous fish (Alomomola) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Regenerator
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD / 4 Spe
Calm Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Wish
- Toxic
- Protect
- Scald

toad (Amoonguss) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Regenerator
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 124 Def / 32 SpA / 100 SpD / 4 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Giga Drain
- Spore
- Toxic
- Sludge Bomb

thankgiving dinner (Moltres) @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Flame Body
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 112 HP / 144 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Hurricane
- U-turn
- Flamethrower
- Ancient Power

captn falcon (Togekiss) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Serene Grace
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 8 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Air Slash
- Defog
- Soft-Boiled
- Heal Bell

ghidorable (Hydreigon) (M) @ Leftovers
Ability: Levitate
Shiny: Yes
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Defog
- Draco Meteor
- Earth Power
- Roost
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This is the only clanger team i didn't nuke when it rose to OU awhile back out of nostalgia(?) and was very fun to ladder with and put in work for masters. echoed voice became semi known for fucking up fat and i was able to incorporate DD Clanger + Scarf Celebi is clean up most games. it kinda relied a lot on the surprise factor of scarf celebi but functioned ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


i rmted a couple squads this gen but this one is def my favorite out of them. full rmt is here but the jist is cune is a broken fatass and many ppl rely on celebi/latias/amoonguss to deal with it, which is fair. icium cune fucks em over and appreciates the reduced knock damage rest of the team just blends well too. great user 'sei. helping me w it makes it extra memorable too ^^


i'm not a huge fan of stall but this salazzle + jelly build was pretty cool and inspired by a whack Euphonos team i caught him using on ladder. im not fire enough to use pangoro but im happy with how this team worked out. i was able to use it in masters and it even got a chance to shine again during UUPL. bonus points for having of my favorite mons (cress).
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Back before Lass/Mimi/Bish/Lati/Shark basically became it's own archetype and before Screens, this was my go-to HO team. I had the cheeky little idea to use an SD Rhyperior as both a unique, unexpected stallbreaker with the ability to 2HKO Quag and run through bulky mons after boosting, and a light check to fast Megas like Manectric, Pidgeot, and Aero that would have given this team hell otherwise. Gengar was my own little funky choice too, as it could spinblock and with life orb, could apply immediate pressure to most teams. And if I got it in on something that let it sub free thanks to Azelf, I could end games or cripple teams on the spot. This team has been outdated since then since it would both like to run, and gets destroyed by Mimi, not to mention stall being much harder to break since this team was made before Spdef Pyukumuku, But at the time I made it it was probably one of my favorite teams to pilot.

More or less the only full stall I've ever built let alone brought to a game, it hasn't been used since Bisharp suspect. I had a weird fascination with Hydra stall at the time (Probably because Hydra is one of my favorite mons) And Pyuk was one of my favorites as well. That ended up birthing this monstrosity of a team into existence. It does what stall does, nothing too fancy. Its been thrown to the wayside as Pyuk/Quag has proven to typically be better than a lone Physdef Pyukumuku, and most of the stallbreakers that have been adapted for newer stalls would blow this one away easily. I'd maybe still bring it to a game if I knew bringing stall would be a good matchup, but I generally don't like to play the archetype anyway.

Nearly won an Iron Chef episode with this bad boy. Not a legendary team of mine by any means, but something I was proud of making at the time. I even became a chef not too long after sending this one into Euphonos. It doesn't have any obscene sweepers which does lend it to slight passivity, but otherwise it's got good offensive and defensive presence.

Some absolute Hoopa voltturn cheese that I brought to UU low budget tour. I still use a variation on this exact team today. I built this team very weirdly (And used a Lanturn because I was hyping it up as a special wall/slow pivot for a lot of breakers) And I enjoyed it more than I should of. This team was real fun to pilot and it managed to compliment Bee surprisingly well.

My favorite current/modern team by far. The team leans on the bulkier side, having more than enough defensive counterplay to most of the metagame, but still has just enough offensive presence to not fall to passivity and has the ability to offensively check any mons that would prove trouble from a defensive standpoint. There aren't too many bad matchups here and that's why I like piloting this build.


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I forgot to post this since I was mostly considering old tournament teams but ye this one was hot

1571515501261.png - original from a little less than a year ago - revamp from a few months ago

peak elo was 1927 iirc

This is definitely the team I had the most collective games with throughout the gen, but somehow I forgot to include it in my original post. As seen from the ladder screen, I mostly used it there, but there were some cameos in tournaments (hence the revamp for a uu open series). As it's more of a ladder team and given the common team structures on it at the time, I was much more confident with these 6 there than I was when it came to tours. There were some random matchups I was especially scared of seeing, like Suicune/HP Fire Lati/stall/some others, that ultimately prevented me from being too comfortable with it in any meaningful bo1.

BUT, at the time, the ladder was absolutely plagued with teams like Steelix/Celebi/Primarina/Scarfdreigon/Rotom-H/Terrak, which despite having three strong checks to Houndoom on paper, proved to basically be free wins for this combination of mons. Rotom-H and Celebi were at their absolute peaks, really opening up strong anti-meta picks in Rhyperior and Mega Houndoom respectively. How it would go in those matchups was basically: throw up your rocks (cwl defog rotom), prevent theirs via Starmie, get in Houndoom for free on Celebi as many times as possible, then outlast them with the rest, especially with the hazard game on lock. Another big thing at the time was the drop of Bisharp, theoretically opening up HO, but really it was just more free wins for Houndoom. Since Mimikyu wasn't there yet, it really wasn't too hard to get spins off with Starmie so that Doomer and Scarf Toge could just go in vs those types of teams if played well. Aside from these immediate examples, I just really enjoyed how the team synergized and played together, having a winnable matchup vs the vast majority of the meta. Like I've said 1000 times, what I always aim to do with bulky offensish teams is give myself the highest amount of playable matchups possible, and I don't think that notion better applied to any of my other teams this gen. Hopefully this doesn't come off too braggy, but getting that gxe/elo without stall is no easy feat, and aside from that I just really enjoyed spamming this at-the-time super-anti-meta team for those couple months.

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